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The Columbus Starkville Tupelo Market
Network Affliation CBS, CW, MYNET
Power 100,000 Watts
Tower Height 1,800 Feet
TV Household DMA 189,750
Total (+2) Population 464,366
Multi-Set Household 81%
Cable Penetration 32%
Market Rank 133

Advertising with WCBI is simple yet direct and cost efficient. WCBI reaches the right audience demographically and geographically. This allows you to target viewers most likely to walk through your door. Let us design a strategic multimedia campaign for you on WCBI.

The WCBI is an affiliate of CBS. Our tower is 1,800 feet tall located in Clay Co. Mississippi and utilizes 100,000 watts of power. Our signal reaches 189,750 households with 81% of them being multi-set households.

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Use the power of WCBI to create a campaign that matches your target customers with our programming. Air your 30 second commercials and/or brand your company in the minds of the viewers with local sponsorships such as sports or weather. WCBI also offers the two newest television networks: North MS CW and My MS. You can target a younger audience with a combination schedule during programs such as Supernatural, Ellen, The Simpsons, King of the Hill, DC’s Stargirl, Seinfeld, Let’s Make A Deal and more!

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Your advertising message can reach thousands more potential customers every month with

WCBI can provide you with a marketing solution:

  • is heavily promoted over the air.
  • is the North MS and West AL leading online destination for news, weather, and entertainment.
  • can drive new customers to your website, where they can learn about your company or even purchase products and services directly
  • allows you to create new sales opportunities for your business with online marketing. Including sponsorships, banner ad packages, and combined online and broadcast advertising packages.

If you are interested in advertising on WCBI or our two newest networks: North MS CW and MyMS, request more information below.

For all other information, call Bert Sparks at (662)245-0120 or contact a member of the Sales Team at (662)327-4444.



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Nancy Robertson
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Rachel Hurt
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Caleb Youngblood
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