Birthday Bunch

Watch for your birthday announcement weekdays during WCBI Sunrise!

Send in your birthday announcement along with information and photo. Please keep in mind that we must receive the photo one week in advance of the birthday.

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You can also send a birthday announcement via mail or email:

Please include the following information in the contents of your letter or email:

  • Your NAME
  • Birthday person’s NAME
  • Birthday person’s HOMETOWN
  • Birthday person’s DATE OF BIRTH
  • Birthday person’s AGE
  • A PHOTOGRAPH of the birthday person

(All information requested is required. If you do not provide this information, you will not qualify to be a part of the “Birthday Bunch”!)

Send by mail (USPS):

1. Address letter to the following:

ATTN: Birthday Bunch
P.O. Box 271
Columbus, MS 39703

2. Insert all contents included to the right

3. Place stamp on envelope

4. Put letter in the mail

Send by email:

1. Open your email account

2. In the subject of the email type “BIRTHDAY BUNCH

3. Include all information requested to the right

4. Attach the birthday person’s photograph per the instructions of your particular email program.

5. Send email to this address: