Civil Rights trailblazer speaks at Black History Month program in Golden Triangle


GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI) – One of the trailblazers of the Civil Rights movement was in the Golden Triangle Sunday.

Dr. James Meredith was a guest speaker for a Black History Month program.

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Dr. Meredith became one of the faces of integration in the early 1960s and a symbol to a generation of Civil Rights workers.

60 years later he brought his message to new generations.

“What America needs is a new revolution. A marrow one. The reestablishment of the good in man and the black man got to be the one to take the lead in doing that,” said Dr. Meredith.

Meredith became a touchstone for the Civil Rights movement when he became the first African American to enroll in and through much adversity graduate from Ole Miss. His mission didn’t stop there.

Six decades later he said his dedication is still strong today.

“I thought it was the most important day of my life, I said everything that God told me to,” explained Dr. Meredith.

As songs of praise rang throughout the church, Meredith voiced the importance of the African American church and Christians in our nation

“It may well be my final mission. God has led me to remind Christians, particularly black Christians that they are the only ones that can save their neighbors, the community, our state and nations. God wants us as Christians to live up to our responsibility,” said Dr. Meredith.

For centuries, the black church has stood as an institution built on community, family, justice, and freedom.

Meredith said the duties of Christians can be found right in the Bible

“Our responsibilities are laid out in the 10 commandments, the Golden Rule,” said Dr. Meredith.

Lead Pastor Nathaniel Best said Meredith’s words resonated with his congregation.

“It was a blessing to me because he gave us pure raw words from what he felt God gave him for the church,” said Best.

A mission, not to rest on the success of the past, but to move forward with strength into the future.


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