World’s Greatest Mom Contest

Make this Mother’s Day one to remember…


$50 Gift Certificate from Brickerton Day Spa, Dinner at J.Broussard’s, Limo ride from Leo’s Luxury Limos, and a beautiful lamp from Spiller Furniture.

WCBI along with the Brickerton Day Spa, J.Broussard’s, Spiller Furniture, Bokay’s and Leo’s Luxury Limos want to reward a deserving mom with a real treat, fabulous prizes for your mom just in time for Mother’s Day!


Misty Hope McCraw of Pontotoc, MS, for her mom, Brenda Roberts

The Winning Essay

My mom has been through so much and is the strongest person I know. My mom raised me on her own for the first three years of my life because my dad left her. Then she met the man that I call my dad and he has been amazing to her. She taught us how to be who we are today. Recently her life changed drastically and I think it made her an even better mom. My mom quit her job in a factory when I was a sophomore in College in 2007 and went back to school. She was accepted into the Physical Therapy assistant program in 2011. She had studied so hard and had great grades for her age! (She is 49 by the way!) She went to the doctor one day in August of 2011 and they found something in her breast. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer a month later. This devastated our family but we knew she was strong and she would be a survivor! That she was!! She had surgery a month after that and had the cancer removed! Luckily it had not reached her lymph nodes. She is now a 1 year cancer survivor. They say it can come back at anytime but she says she will just fight it again and win! What makes her amazing is that while all of this was going on she stayed in school and kept her grades perfect! She also planned my wedding at the same time. Talk about stress! She is truly remarkable and I could not ask for a more perfect mother. She is not working while she finishes school and my dad has had the stress of being the money maker by himself. They have gone through everything together; cancer, all but one vehicle has broken down and no money to fix them, my moms phone was stolen, just one thing after another and through it all they have stayed the positive, Christian parents that they have always been. My mom deserves this because she has truly been defined and she truly is the World’s Greatest Mom!!

P.S. She graduates with her degree in Physical Therapy Assistant on May 11, 2013 at Itawamba Community College!! She did it despite everything!!! We are so proud of her accomplishments and we know this is just the beginning of where her new journey will take her!

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