High-risk doctors and physicians received the COVID-19 vaccination in Columbus


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – The long-awaited vaccine has finally reached a local hospital.

Today high-risk doctors and physicians were able to get the vaccination at Baptist Golden Triangle.

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The first M.D. was honored to take the first of many shots that were administered and explains his feeling of receiving it.

“It’s my pleasure to take this shot because I think it’s the right thing for me to do and I think it’s the right thing for our country to have this because without a vaccination we’re in big trouble to try and win this battle. Like any other shot, I’ve ever had nothing to do it. I just felt a needle go in and come out and not a big deal,” said Dr. Jack Reed.

After their first shots, doctors waited 15 minutes for any side effects and scheduled for their second shots that must be given 28 days after today.


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