HSFT stop #47: Mooreville



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MOOREVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Jimmy Young is entering his fifth year as Mooreville’s head coach. He has been impressed with this year’s group.

“Their work ethic and willingness to show up every day and get after it has been good,” Young said. “It’s been a blessing to be able to watch them grow as individuals”.

“We’re doing a lot, improving a lot,” senior offensive lineman Jaylon Land said. “We’re trying to have a winning season this year and make it better”.

The Troopers have 17 seniors returning. What the receivers have been able to do this summer hasn’t gone unnoticed

“Got a couple of new faces out there and I am really excited about that. Jacob Scott, Luke Carpenter, Caleb Holladay, Kody Fisk, Shepherd Stupka, Jordan Franks. I have a lot of cats who can really catch the ball right now,” Young said.

“Our receiving corps has much more talent than last year,” senior QB Dawson Phillips said. “We had hands last year but this year we have more speed and talent”.

Young started something new for his guys this year. He’s now teaching a leadership class. The team meets with him twice a week to develop as individuals. It also focuses on mental health. The kids have responded well to it.

“It’s been great. At first we were iffy because as teenagers we don’t like being in a classroom. We all learned to love it,” Phillips said.

Young says this position has taught him a lot.

“Learned a lot about accountability and discipline. Grew as myself. Be who you are and don’t worry about anyone else or the critics. Have a positive outlook. Keep moving forward. I do this to make an impact in kids’ lives. That’s why I coach,” Young said.

Young also played for Mooreville and says there isn’t another place he’d rather be.

“I love Mooreville and I bleed green and white. I always have loved this place and am thankful to have this job because of the impact my coaches had on me and it turned me in this direction. It made me realize the impact I could have on young men.”

Mooreville’s season gets started August 27th at Booneville.


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