Weather Safety Information

Thanks for visiting the WCBI First Alert Safety Website.  Included is a list of information and different links that will help keep your family safe and prepared for severe weather.  At the bottom of this page is a list of storm shelters known to WCBI.  If you wish to update any information or have questions, please email Chief Meteorologist Keith Gibson at

Important Links:

Code Red Sign-Up:

The following counties are a part of Code Red, a message service to provide you with local emergency alerts.  Contact your local EMA Director to learn more.

Chickasaw; Clay; Lee; Monroe; Montgomery; Oktibbeha; Prentiss; Tishomingo; Union; Webster; Winston; Pickens, AL

Watch Vs Warning

A watch is issued when hazardous conditions are possible.  No immediate actions are necessary but it’s recommended that your review your safety plan and be prepared to take action.  A watch may not always be issued prior to a warning.

  •  TORNADO WATCH: tornadoes are possible in the affected area.  Large hail and damaging winds are also possible.
  •  SEVERE T-STORM WATCH: large hail, damaging winds and/or even perhaps a tornado are possible in the affected area.
  •  FLOOD WATCH: heavy rainfall may occur leading to localized flooding in the affected area.

A warning is issued when hazardous conditions are occurring.  Immediate action is required to protect life and property.  Your safety plan should be put into action when a warning is issued.  A warning may be issued with/without a watch being present.

  •  TORNADO WARNING: immediate action is required.  A tornado is either already occurring or is likely to occur.
  •  SEVERE T-STORM WARNING: large hail and damaging winds are likely.  A spin-up tornado cannot be ruled out in some storms.
  •  FLOOD WARNING: localized flooding is already occurring or likely to occur.  Seek higher ground in flood prone areas

Tornado Warning Safety Tips: 

The national weather service recommends to take immediate safety precautions during a tornado.  To learn more about tornadoes and how you can stay safe during a warning, visit their website.

Severe Weather Safety Kit: 

Consider having a severe weather safety kit for inclement weather, including tornadoes, floods, severe storms, winter weather and more. WCBI recommends you have batteries, a flashlight, a first aid kit, a weather radio, enough water for 3 days, enough medication for 3 days, tools, blankets, enough non-perishable food for 3 days, a phone charger, eye wash, spare keys and cash.

Live Streaming Severe Weather Coverage:

In addition to WCBI-TV, you can find our live severe weather coverage on our website, on the WCBI News mobile app, and on these local radio stations:


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Make A Report:

Report Closings:

Call: (662) 328-1224
Weather Closings

Report Power Outage:

Call your local utility providers. Below are the numbers to some of the area companies:

Columbus Light & Water
Report an Outage:
(662) 243-7440

4-County Electric
Report an Outage:
(800) 431-1544

Monroe County Electric
(662) 256-2962

Starkville Electric Department
(662) 323-3133

Important Phone Numbers


If you do not have an emergency, but you need information, call your local county sheriff’s office.

Columbus Police Department

Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department

Lowndes County Emergency Management

Lee County Sheriff’s Department Non-Emergency

Tupelo Police Department

New Albany Police Department

Union County Sheriff’s Department

Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Department

Tishomingo County Sheriff’s Department

American Red Cross

MS Emergency Management Agency

For necessary information concerning disaster assistance, disaster preparedness, flood maps, alternative housing, emergency contacts, recovery efforts and much more, contact:

24-hr Emergency Line:
1.800.222.MEMA (6362)

Click here to visit the MEMA website


Public Storm Shelters List: 


We continue to work with local EMA officials to compile and update a list of storm shelters in counties.  If your county is listed with no storm shelters, either no shelters exist or the local EMA office has not informed us of any in the county.  To offer a tip on storm shelters not listed below, please email Chief Meteorologist Keith Gibson at

Calhoun County

Chickasaw County

  • Houston: Houston Civic Center, 635 Starkville Rd.
  • Houston: Houston Community Center, 115 Dulaney St.
  • Houston: Houston Fire/Police Department, 215 E. Harrington St.
  • Houston: Houston Airport, 601 Airport St.
  • Houston: Gladney Subdivision, 121 Wofford Dr.
  • Houston: Thorn Community Center, 106 County Road 37
  • Houston: Rhodes Chapel Fire Department, 1324 County Road 416
  • Houston: Southeast Fire Department, 1951 County Road 406
  • Houston: Pearsall Voting Precinct, 105 County Road 91
  • Houston: Woodland/Sparta Fire Department, 116 County Road 86
  • Okolona: Chickasaw (old jail location), 110 Olive St.
  • Okolona: Okolona Fire/Police Department, 106 E. Main St.
  • Okolona: Okolona Public Works, 300 S. Silver St.
  • Okolona: Okolona City Hall, 215 E. Main St.
  • Okolona: National Guard Armory, 214 E. Monroe
  • Okolona: Okolona Library, 321 W. Main
  • Okolona: Okolona Electric, 201 N. Fleming
  • Okolona: Egypt Voting Precinct, 253 County Road 177
  • Okolona: Chickasaw County Maintenance Shop, 500 S. Gatlin St.
  • Okolona: Chickasaw County Courthouse, rear of building
  • Shannon: Poplar Springs, 31819 County Line Rd
  • Houlka: Houlka Fire Department, 205 W. Front St.
  • Houlka: Houlka Community Center, 612 Highway 32
  • Houlka: Houlka Public Works, 306 Walker St.
  • Van Vleet: Chickasaw Administration Building, 146 County Road 412
  • Van Vleet: Van Vleet Fire Department, 1595 County Road 164
  • Woodland: Sparta Opry House, 762 County Road 416
  • Woodland: Rhodes Chapel/Atlanta Fire Department, 1158 Highway 341 S.
  • Woodland: Anchor Voting Precinct, 628 County Road 416
  • Woodland: Woodland Fire Department, 122 Market St.

Clay County

  • West Point: both Fire Departments

Itawamba County

Lafayette County

  • LCFD 9 (65 CR 335, Taylor) 
  • LCFD 15 (4 CR 109, (Hwy. 6 West of Oxford))
  • LCFD Central (50 CR 1032, (Across from North Pointe))
  • Gordon Community Center (37 CR 115, (South of Abbeville))
  • LCFD 7   (2 sets)(44 Business 7 South, (Abbeville))
  • Taylor Community Center (78 CR 338, (Taylor))
  • New El Bethel Church (20 CR 488, (Near Tula))
  • LCFD 1 (599 Hwy. 310 (Harmontown))
  • LCFD 3 (22 CR 369, (Old Airport area near Hwy. 7 and 9W))
  • LCFD 4 (8 CR 130, (College Hill))
  • LCFD 5 (826 Hwy. 334, (Yocona))
  • LCFD 6 (153 CR 436, (Tula))
  • LCFD 11 (11 CR 287, (Lafayette Springs))
  • LCFD 12 (1301 Hwy. 30 East (Philadelphia))
  • LCFD 14 (31 CR 430  (Paris))
  • LCFD 16 (823 CR 313 (Union West))

Lee County

  • Baldwyn: 2 – Behind City Hall (202 South Second Street)
  • Guntown: 2 – Behind Community Center in Park (1571 Main St)
  • Nettleton: 1- 448 Union Avenue (Nettleton Ball Park)
  • Nettleton: 1- 113 Johnson Drive (by Water Dept.)
  • Nettleton: 2 – Will Robins Hwy (near Fire Department)
  • Plantersville: 2 – 2587 Main Street (next to Town Hall)
  • Saltillo: 2- Saltillo City Park
  • Saltillo City HallShannon: 1 – 106 Herndon Avenue (off Hwy 45 toward Nettleton)
  • Shannon: 1- 384 Old Hwy 45 (next to Lee Co. District shop)
  • Shannon: 1- 124 Broad Street (Next to Police Station)
  • Shannon: 1- 178 Clark Avenue (Next to High School Bball Field)
  • Shannon: 1- 100 Elm Street (Corner of Elm and Barbee)
  • Tupelo: 1- 843 North Front Street
  • Tupelo: 2- 3288 Willie Moore Road (Haven Community Center)
  • Tupelo: 2629 West Main Street
  • Tupelo: 1199 Joyner Avenue
  • Tupelo: 401 Elvis Presley Drive
  • Richmond Community: 117 CR 800 (Behind Richmond Volunteer Fire Dept.)
  • Verona: 1- Behind City Hall (201 East Main Street)
  • Verona: 151 Mattox Road (near the park)
  • Verona: 240 Martin Luther King Drive

Lowndes County

  • Caledonia: Caledonia Elementary School
  • Columbus: Lowndes County Career Tech Center
  • New Hope: New Hope High School

Monroe County

  • Amory: West Amory Community Center, 111th Street
  • Amory: East Amory Community Center, Crump Boulevard
  • Amory: Baseball Complex, Concord Avenue
  • Amory: Basement of City Hall
  • Aberdeen: Public Works Building
  • Aberdeen: Fire Department
  • Aberdeen: Newberger Park (Northside) Long Street
  • Hamilton: Dome beside the School
  • Smithvile: The Dome

Montgomery County

Neshoba County

Noxubee County

Oktibbeha County

  • Starkville: Lynn Lane / Industrial Park Road

Pontotoc County

Prentiss County

  • Blackland: Volunteer Fire Department (279 CR 7200)
  • Booneville: West and East Side City Park (Dallison Drive and Sunflower Drive)

Tishomingo County

  • Burnsville: Fire Station
  • Carter’s Branch: Fire Station
  • Dennis: Community Park
  • East Port/Mill Creek: Fire Station
  • Golden: Next to Fire Training Building (NOT FIRE STATION)
  • Midway: Fire Station
  • Paden: Fire Station
  • Tishomingo: Fire Station

Union County

Webster County

Winston County

  • High Point: Fire Station
  • Louisville: Winston County Courthouse
  • Louisville: College & Columbus (Next to Fair Elementary School)
  • Mars Hill: Fire Station
  • Nanih Wayia: Attendance Center

Lamar County, Alabama

  • Kennedy: Behind City Hall
  • Millport: South Lamar Rescue Squad Building
  • Sulligent: Old National Guard Armory
  • Vernon: Intersection of Highway 17/18 behind McDonalds and City Hall

Marion County, Alabama

  • Hamilton: CO HWY 25/20 INTERSECTION, Address: 6925 CO HWY 25
  • Twin/Yampertown: Address: 6125 ST HWY 253, Guin, Alabama 
  • Winfield: Community Safe Room: Address: 126 City Hall Street
  • Guin: Collins Life Center, Address: 581 14th St, Guin, AL
  • Wiginton Community – Hackleburg: Address: 4959 County Road 32, Hackleburg
  • Hackleburg: 442 Back Street
  • Hamilton: 690 Bexar Ave East
  • Hamilton: 700 Chestnut Circle
  • Shiloh: District 1 Shop, Address: 2495 ST HWY 187, Hamilton
  • Hamilton: Fire Station, 555 AL National Guard Road
  • Hackelburg: Co Hwy 12 and Gober Rd, 120 Gober Rd
  • Winfield: Rock City Church of Christ, 5175 County Road 38
  • Guin: District 5 Shop, 441 11th Avenue
  • Shottsville: Shottsville Fire Department, 396 Co Hwy 56,
  • Byrd: Byrd Fire Station, Address: 239 CO HWY 13, Hamilton
  • Bear Creek: Near City Hall, 264 SMITH STREET
  • Bear Creek: Bishop Community Center, 260 High Ave, Bear Creek
  • Winfield: Winfield Fire Station #2, 739 Fawn Grove Rd 
  • Brilliant: City Hall Rear, 1279 Main Street
  • Pea Ridge: Fire Station, 5704 Co Hwy 45, Hamilton
  • Hamilton: Marion County Annex, 372 7th Ave SW, Hamilton 
  • Hackleburg: Local Housing Authority at 443 Ray Rd
  • Hackleburg: Local Housing Authority at 445 Ray Rd
  • Bear Creek: Local Housing Authority at 8573 St Hwy 13
  • Haleyville: Kraft Community Center, 7115 Co Hwy 19
  • Brilliant: Sunny Home Fire Statoin, 132536 St Hwy 233
  • Winfield: 1316 Meadowlark Rd
  • Hamilton: Sullins School House near St 253 and Co 49, 4509 Co Hwy 49, Hamilton

Pickens County, Alabama

  • Aliceville, 751 5th NW, Aliceville Al, 35442
  • Aliceville, 332 erd Ave NE, Aliceville, Al 35442
  • Zion Community, 3368 Zion Rd, Gordo, AL
  • Pickensville, 11 Jackson-Ferry Rd., Pickensville, AL 35447
  • Carrollton, 41 Elliott St, Carrollton, Al 35447
  • Sapps Community: 4216 M L King Road, Aliceville, AL, 35442
  • Forest Community: 112 Bains Road, Ethelsville, AL 35461
  • Forest Community: 71 Co. Rd 89, Ethelsville, AL
  • Hughes Town Community: 897 Roland Bate Road, Carrollton, AL 35441
  • Shade Road Community: 240 Shade Road, Aliceville, AL 35442
  • Reform: 800 park Dr., Reform, AL 35481
  • Palmetto Community: 51 School Circle, Reform, AL 35481
  • Hintontown Community, 1184 M L K Road, Alicevlile, AL 35442
  • Sommerville Community, 7420 County Road 13, Aliceville AL 35442
  • Gordo, 401 4th Ave NW, Gordo, AL 35446