Trouble Viewing WCBI CBS

Due to the loss of breaker at a TVA substation in Columbus yesterday, several key pieces of equipment at the WCBI Studios were damaged or destroyed.

One of these issues has caused our WCBI – CBS to have a giant black “line” in the middle of the screen.

To watch WCBI with no technical difficulties, please turn to CW4 on the following channels. We will update this as we continue to restore power for all TV channels.

Over the Air, Channel 4 – 3 .

CableOne (Columbus and Lowndes County), Channel 10 and 1010

Comcast, Channel 1006

MaxxSouth, Channel 12 and 1212

Northland (Millport and Kennedy), Channel 103

For other systems check your local listings.

Our CW network signal is also down and will be out of service.

Our My MS channel we are confident will be back on Monday.

We ask for your patience and understanding during this time.

Thank you and thanks for watching WCBI.

Derek Rogers- General Manager & WCBI Staff.

To read the full story on why WCBI is experiencing technical difficulties please click this link;